The Timelessness Of Timber Blinds | Total Look Blinds

The Timelessness Of Timber Blinds | Total Look Blinds

This is regarded as the age of aluminium blinds. There is no doubt that in homes, and businesses, blinds made from this material are very trendy and in vogue. Aluminium blinds seem a perfect fit with modern decors and designs, which begs the question; is there still a place for timber blinds?

According to this New Zealand blinds specialist, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Not everyone wants to live in spaces that scream “modern”, “on point” and “today”. A lot of us still prefer to live in traditional settings and that is why timber blinds are still a wonderful match for many homes, as well as businesses.

Timber blinds certainly have a timeless nature. They can be considered a classic piece of window art if you like – a picturesque feature as well as a highly functional window dressing. The natural beauty of timber will never go out of fashion, and wooden blinds can complement interiors painted in darker and natural colours, instead of stark white. Timber blinds can be left plain to show off the natural wood grain, or stained to suit any decor.

While timber blinds have an eternal decorative appeal, they bring other benefits to a room apart from sheer beauty. These include:

  1. Wood is an excellent insulating material, and timber blinds are capable of retaining the heat in a room during winter and maintaining a comfortable temperature during summer. This makes timber blinds an energy-efficient choice that will lower your energy bills through the reduced need to run fans and air conditioning.
  2. The wooden blinds of yesteryear might have had a reputation for not being long-lived. Thankfully, modern blinds are designed and manufactured to be strong and durable, and able to withstand years of use without becoming damaged or weakened. This makes them a cost-effective investment, and even more so when you add their energy efficient qualities to the mix.
  3. Timber blinds are a breeze to keep clean. The hard surface forms a virtually impenetrable barrier against dirt and grime, so all that is required to clean them is a simple dusting every week or so. Compare this to fabric blinds that allow grime and dirt to get beneath the surface and discolour the blinds. This means regular deep cleaning is required to keep the blinds looking good – but it isn’t long before they start to look dirty again.

As you’ve read, timber blinds still have a place at YOUR place. They have a timeless charm that makes them a feature in any room, and a warmth and appearance that will never go out of style.

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