Slip and Fall Risk Factors in The Working Areas – How Risky Is Such Zones?

Slip and Fall Risk Factors in The Working Areas – How Risky Is Such Zones?

Many commercial sectors are prone to chances of slip and fall of the employees. These properties will not give much importance to such factors and tend to neglect them. Non-adequate mitigation of such issues has made many organizations lose their certification of offering a safe working area for employees. 

A working environment that does not offer a safe environment will result in experiencing many unwanted expenses in the form of medical cost, significant liability, brand reputation damage, productivity loss, and so on. The best way of counteracting this issue is through the installation of carpet or mats on the floor. 

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Walk Zone Safety Report 

Here are some of the points that serve as the primary takeaways in case of Walk Zone Safety areas. 

  • Finding the Number of Risk Zones 

Most of the commercial sectors believe that the number of risk zones in their building is not more than 0 to 3 levels. When the survey was conducted, it was discovered that there were more than 10 risky areas in such buildings where the owners thought that there were not more than 3 risky zones. 

  • Walkaways are a Problem Area 

The areas that are considered as the customer walkaways should be padded with the floor mats. Surveys have shown that the areas that are padded by floor mats have fewer chances of customers slipping and falling than the areas that are not padded with the carpets. 

  • Risk Zones Are Normally Ignored 

Most of the house owners and the residential owners fail to identify some of the risky zones as the actual risky zones. Studies have shown that almost 92% of such managers fail to safeguard the risky zones in their place. 

  • Rental Mats are the actual Risky Areas 

The rental mats will be wrinkled or bunched up, or even shifted from their actual places. This normally results in causing the people walking on them to trip and fall. Hence, the areas that are installed with the rental mats are more prone to become risky zones. 

Studies have shown that more than 200,000 people have suffered from slip and fall risk factors. As a result, the industries have lost more than 11 billion dollars as compensation for the families of such injured employees. The best way of avoiding such losses to the company account is by padding the risky zones with the floor mats or carpets. 

Nowadays, it has become mandatory that the house and commercial buildings are made aware of the risk factors that are associated with the slip and fall zones in their buildings. Seminars, teaching classes, and even some safety classes are being conducted in the industrial and commercial sector to make the employees understand the dangers of slip and fall action, and also ways to prevent them. 

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