Real Estate In Niagara Falls: 7 Things The Canadian Side Doesn’t Have

Real Estate In Niagara Falls: 7 Things The Canadian Side Doesn’t Have

Many spots in Canada are famous for tourist destinations, but did you know that it’s also home to some of the most beautiful Real Estate In Niagara Falls? If you’re looking for a place to settle down and start a family, you may want to consider moving across the border to Niagara Falls—and here are seven reasons why:

  1. It’s cheaper than Toronto
  2. You can get more bang for your buck
  3. The Canadian side has less traffic
  4. The American side has more shopping options
  5. You can use Yelp without being flagged by government agencies
  6. There’s no need for an umbrella (even when it’s raining)
  7. And last but not least: You can still see both sides of the falls from your bedroom window

Niagara Falls is a city in the United States and Canada, located on the Niagara River. It’s most famous for its waterfalls, which are divided by the border between the two countries.

The Canadian side contains the Horseshoe Falls and American Falls, while the American side contains Bridal Veil Falls and smaller ones like Luna Island and Terrapin Point.

There are many things that make Niagara Falls unique, but there are also some commonalities that exist across both sides of the border. 

Here are few things you can only find in one country:

You can’t swim in Canada’s river because it’s too dangerous!

The world’s largest indoor amusement park is on Canada’s side of Niagara Falls!

Both sides of Niagara Falls have casinos! But only America has legal sports betting (Canada doesn’t allow it).

Both sides have hotels with rooms with amazing views of the falls! But only in America can you stay in a hotel room right over top of them—and even sleep above them every night!

Reasons why Real Estate In Niagara Falls is affordable

The Canadian side is more affordable (and it’s not even close)

The Canadian side has more jobs and better job growth

The American side has better schools, but there are private schools on both sides that can fill the gap.

The Canadian side is more ethnically diverse with a growing population of immigrants from India, Pakistan, China and other countries.

There are no traffic jams on the Canadian side (unless you count tourists!)

You can cross over to the American side anytime you want to experience Niagara Falls at its grandest!

Why Niagara Falls is a tourist destination unlike any other

The beauty of the falls, combined with the many activities and events that take place there every year, make Niagara Falls one of the most visited cities in all of Canada.

But what about real estate? What are some things you should know about Niagara Falls real estate so you can make an informed decision?

You’ll pay less for a house in Canada than you will in the US. You won’t have to pay property taxes on your home in Canada like you do in the US. You won’t be able to buy anything bigger than 2 acres of land, which is limited by law.

If you want to rent out your house or condo, you’ll need to pay a tax called “municipal taxes” on top of your regular income tax every year this is not required for rentals in the US!

Canadians don’t have access to mortgages like US citizens do (but they do have access to something called “private mortgage insurance”), which means Canadian homeowners must save more money before buying a home than their American counterparts do

The Canadian side of the falls is not a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so it’s not really that special. Niagara Falls itself is only half Canadian, so if you’re looking for a complete view of the falls, you’ll need Real Estate In Niagara Falls for byinng and selling properties. 

The Cave of the Winds tour is only offered on the American side of the falls, so if you want to see it, you’ll need to cross over as well. The Maid of the Mist boat tour is also only offered on the American side of the falls 


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