Most Essential Way Outs With Hazardous Waste Disposal

Most Essential Way Outs With Hazardous Waste Disposal


Removal of asbestos sprayed flocked on walls and ceilings is of primary importance as this type of substance is very dangerous for those who frequent these contaminated environments. Years ago asbestos was sprayed with gypsum, cement or other types of binders to create an acoustic, thermal and fire barrier, especially in environments such as hospitals, schools, gyms, shopping malls, factories, thermal power stations, rail cars, ships, airplanes , etc.

However, precisely due to the application technique (spray), asbestos has very low cohesion and great friability, which is why all the remediation techniques provide first of all the imbibition and fixing of the fibers in the detachment phase, before each other type of intervention. There is therefore an obligation to seal (static confinement) any communication with the outside and to check the tightness through smoke bombs, furthermore the confined areas must be kept in depression (dynamic confinement) through air extractors with absolute filters. For hazardous waste disposal this is important.

Remediation Of Sprayed Flocked Asbestos

To eliminate almost every danger, however, the best technique is that which involves the removal of sprayed flocked asbestos, it is an onerous operation due to the mandatory precautions to be taken to ensure the protection of people and the surrounding environment.

During this process, a manual scraping of the surfaces containing flocked asbestos takes place, using simple tools such as scrapers. In this way, however, that layer of about 1 / 5mm of asbestos fibers permeated in the anchoring primer, which was applied before spraying the flocked asbestos, is not removed, for this it is necessary to resort to covering encapsulating products, which limit the maximum the problem, also based on the manual skills of those who deal with their application.

Asbestos Removal Firms

There are many asbestos removal companies online, but choosing the right one is not easy at all. The activity is delicate and requires the utmost professionalism, which only a company with matured experience in the sector can guarantee you. ESSE A3 is highly qualified in this field and carries out removal and remediation of sprayed flocked asbestos throughout Italy. There are many construction sites followed in over 30 years of experience: discover them in our dedicated section.

  • This material, in fact, was used on a large scale due to its cheapness, especially in the 40s and 50s. The peak was reached in 1976 with 164,788 tons of asbestos. Production remained above 100,000 tons per year until 1987, only afterwards did it start to decrease.
  • For this reason, most of the homes and industrial buildings built before 1994 still retain elements in asbestos, above all roof coverings.  
  • The asbestos removal is a very delicate procedure and must be carried out safely, in order to avoid the dispersion of airborne asbestos fibers. 

The operation, therefore, must be carried out by a specialized company, which in addition to having a competence acquired over the years, must have the necessary equipment for the handling and storage on site of the elements containing asbestos.


The current legislation allows the reclamation of roofs and asbestos-cement elements to be carried out in a different way based on their condition and the danger that the killer fibers can be introduced into the surrounding environment.


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