Live Large with House Extensions

Live Large with House Extensions

If you’ve had a new addition to your family lately, you might be feeling a little cramped in your home. This new addition may be a newborn baby, a partner, or perhaps even a new car. Because of this very reason, house extensions are one of the most popular types of construction that you will encounter in Melbourne. 

As long as there is enough space on your property, you can easily add extra space to your home through a house extension. In this post, we dive deep into the different types of house extensions and the typical cost of one to help you make a more well-informed decision on whether or not to pursue one. 

Different Types of House Extensions 

Depending on your needs, the type of house extension you choose may vary. Here are some of the most popular types of house extensions you can consider adding to your current home:

Second-Storey Extension

This type of house extension is self-explanatory. As its name suggest, a second-story house extension involves adding another floor to an existing ground floor structure. This can be ideal for adding extra bedroom or lounging area on an upper floor if your home does not already have one. 

Rear Home Extensions

If you have some extra space in your backyard, this type of house extension may be more suitable for you. A rear home extension can be used to create a lounging area or patio at the back of your home, which may be ideal for hosting guests or outdoor cooking. 

Side Extension

Side extensions are another popular option among homeowners with extra space to the side of their homes. If you do not already have a garage attached to your home, this type of extension can be a good way of adding one. 

The Typical Cost of a House Extension

The cost of a house extension can vary greatly depending on various factors such as the type of house extension you want and its size. For example, a second storey house extension typically costs less than a ground floor extension because there is less foundational work necessary.

Generally, you can expect to pay between $1350 to $2100 per m2 for a ground floor, single storey house extension. Adding a second storey to your house extension will typically increase the price by around 50%. Alternatively, if you already have a ground floor structure that you want to add a second storey to, it may set you back around $700 to $1200 per m2.

Extend Your Home with House Design Solutions

If you’re considering a home extension in Melbourne or the surrounding area, House Design Solutions is here to help. Our team of expert property designers and draftsmen have decades of combined experience in the industry, and we would be more than eager to use our knowledge to help you bring your design ideas to life. Get in touch with our team today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your house extension plans and see how we can help. 

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