Investment in Vacation Rentals in Destin Is the Best Idea Even with Some Cons

Investment in Vacation Rentals in Destin Is the Best Idea Even with Some Cons

Curled up in Northwest Florida, Destin is rightfully famous for its emerald-hued waters and sugary white sands. Due to its abundant and ever-hungry underwater population, Destin is widely recognized as the best place for enjoying fishing.

Destin is the most visited city and was named after a fishing captain from New England. It has a massive line of fishing vessels in Florida. The glorious white sand appears from the Appalachian Mountains. 

Destin Florida is the blog page that conveys explicit knowledge about Destin. It contains information about the accommodation facilities that are not only available for staying in, but also for purchase as well. You can go through the available options and make the right decision during the real estate investment. 

When planning for real estate investments, you can choose the vacation rentals condos for the pros that follow the idea. It not only helps you get a feel for prepping, financing, and finding a property for investment, but also it can give you a place for R&R. 

If you are thinking of investing in vacation rentals, then you have to consider the following range of cons and pros before making a valid decision. 


The possible pros you can consider while investing in a vacation rental property are as follows:

  • Make extra income

The biggest advantage of owning a vacation rental property is that you can make money. There are dozens of vacation rental sites which open up the door to earnings if you play in the right way.

  • You will have your spot

If you have a vacation rental property, then you can get your vacation there. You can use that property to host your girl’s weekend, friend’s bachelor party, kids’ summer vacation, or your family reunion. It’s better to buy in an area where you wish to visit the most.

  • A lot of expenses can be written off

If your home is rented for more than 14 days, then you have to pay taxes. But it will also allow you to write off expenses that you will incur to maintain and repair the property. Necessary and ordinary costs of doing your business can also be deducted.

Here is the list of items that can be written off:

  1. Cleaning costs
  2. Insurance premiums
  3. Hosting fees
  4. Utility costs
  5. Supplies like K-cups, toilet paper, etc.
  6. Maintenance of lawn
  7. Mortgage interest
  8. Property management fees
  9. Occupancy taxes
  • Retirement home for the future

A vacation rental property is your long-term wealth and you can have healthful finances after retirement. Sell the property and use the money to cover your cost of living, healthcare, and travel expenses in the future. You can also keep it with you to enjoy your retirement relaxing in the way you always desired.


The possible cons you can consider while investing in a vacation rental property are as follows:

  • Managing the property

A vacation rental property doesn’t mean that you can sell and forget. It’s the most important investment of your life and it requires a lot of work. You have to prep, restock and clean the property each time between every guest. Once your property becomes popular, then you will have a lot of workloads. Most of the foot traffic results in wear and tear and they should be taken care of. 

It’s better to hire a property management company that is professional to deal with repairs, maintenance, turnover tasks, and other hurdles of your home. However, you have to pay for it. According to the survey conducted by industry averages, short-term managers of vacation rental property charge 15% to 40% of the income.

  • Find guests by advertising about your property: 

Advertising is the best way of bagging the customers. 

You can follow these steps as well to attract the attention of your potential rentors:

  1. You should add your home to the list on all the top-level rental platforms.
  2. Optimize your list in such a way that it catches the eyes of the right audience. 
  3. Design your home with on-trend and comfortable decor and furnishing. 

The other most important thing you need to do is price your property right for the current market rate. You also should make some occasional promotions and discounts to attract guests during seasonal lulls.

  • It’s not allowed at all places

If you are very serious about buying a vacation rental property, then you should be careful in which area you buy it. Many municipalities, cities, and homeowners’ associations make restrictions around short-term vacation rental property.

Short-term vacation rental activity is banned altogether at some places. Some places put strict rules on how often or for how long your property is allowed to rent. You might have to acquire a license to operate at some places.

Have a look at the local vacation rental policies before you start investing in them. 

  • You have to pay more to finance your property

Paying more to finance your rental property is the biggest downside. Loans made on investment property come along with interest rates which are higher than other mortgages. Lenders also require a down payment which is hefty to cover a vacation investment property. It’s 25% or even more than that in most cases.

  • Extra monthly payment

Vacation rental properties cause problems with the flow of your cash if you are not very careful. The mortgage payment might be extra too. Financial stress might be caused depending on the value of your property.

Other expenses include lawn care, utilities, and general maintenance. You may also have unexpected repairs. Have a big financial plan and make sure that you are not burdened with the extra costs.

DestinFlorida blog page gives you knowledge about the available condos, houses, vacation rentals, apartments, and townhomes for sale in Destin for the buyers who are interested worldwide. One can refer to their blog page to get more information about them.

You can build your wealth for the long term and earn consistent income if you invest in vacation rental properties. But you should also be ready to face the drawbacks caused by unwanted expenses. Be a rental investor who can strategize on how to make the income maximum. Prepare yourself and be quick enough so that you can see better results when your property is all set up and running.

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