How to organize your move? Choose the best Options

How to organize your move? Choose the best Options


Organization is the key to any successful move. It allows you to settle in your new business premises or in your new home more serenely.


The worker must be able to meet your organizational needs. Therefore, it is important that it take into account the volume of objects to be transported and their nature. An inventory is therefore required well before packaging. This will give him an idea of ​​the types of packages that will be needed to properly pack your things. A company that immediately offers you packaging for your furniture without having carried out an inventory is not recommended.


In case packing  is one of the services mentioned on your quote, it will be up to the movers to take care of this task. It will be necessary to ensure that it is done correctly to prevent certain objects from being damaged during their movement. For example, for glass plates and wine bottles, cardboard boxes with braces are suitable. Light objects are preferably placed in large packages and heavy and fragile objects in smaller boxes. In the event that you carry out this step yourself, it will suffice to call on a carrier. Choosing the local movers is important there.


In a quote, a set of services are mentioned. These give you an idea of ​​how your luggage will be transported from your current accommodation to the new location. Thus, depending on the details entered in the contract, you can have an overview of the progress.

A contract that includes assembly and  disassembly  for example will be useful if you do not have the soul of a handyman. Everything will therefore depend on your expectations and the actions you wish to delegate.


In some cases, moving requires having storage space in which to temporarily put your belongings. This service is not offered by all movers. Insofar as you involve a carrier, you will need to contact a   parallel storage company.

The ideal would therefore be to contact an organization that offers boxes if necessary. Thus, you move more conveniently by entrusting all the tasks to a single structure.

What are the pitfalls to avoid?

A successful move is synonymous with choosing the option that optimizes your budget and settles down without damage in your new premises. For this, it is not enough to know the right criteria to find a good mover. There are also certain pitfalls to be avoided.

The choice of the transport formula

When comparing contracts, don’t overlook the formula shown for moving furniture. This is even more important when it comes to a long distance journey. Indeed, by choosing the rental option without return trip,  the costs are considerably reduced. The cost of moving trucks is halved. With the round-trip option,  on the other hand, you pay twice the fuel costs and tolls for the same trip. From a financial point of view, the first solution is therefore more advantageous.


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