Everything You Should Know About Condo Living

Everything You Should Know About Condo Living

Living in harmony in a condominium like the condo Charonnakorn (คอนโด เจริญนคร which is the term in Thai) is not always an easy task. It’s like living in a large family: there will always be many issues and conflicts to manage. Some decide to choose a building manager among the residents and those who find it preferable to hire a condominium management company from assembly meetings to that neighbor who doesn’t stop making noise and clean the common parts of the building. We have prepared you a guide so that your life in the condominium will be without headaches.

First of all, and if you have just taken on the role of administrator of your building’s condominium, don’t miss this unmissable guide that can help you, for example, to control expenses and have a successful administration effectively. Don’t know how to organize a condo meeting? Or what does law establish the obligations for holding these assemblies? We also give you a helping hand in this article to don’t fail in your administrative duties.

The list of tasks and rules in building management is almost endless. You have to know, for example, how you should proceed when hiring an external person to clean the common parts of the condominium and clarify very well what their obligations are, which are not always clear and which sometimes generate doubts and even conflicts between neighbors.

If you don’t want to have headaches and take over the building’s “folder,” you can hire a condominium management company – requests soar at the start of this year. It also knows that the activity of condominium management companies is not regulated, nor is there a supervisory entity to which they can turn in case of conflict. Therefore, you must inform yourself well before choosing this company.

As always, community life is not without its conflicts. What to do when a neighbour does not pay the condominium fee or the rules of good coexistence are not respected? The idealist/news has decided to prepare a condo guide with everything you should know. If you want to have a better life when living in a condo, you must think about renovating because the default interior design are usually dull and we have some condo interior design ideas for you.  

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