Ceramic and Porcelain Kitchen tiles

Ceramic and Porcelain Kitchen tiles

The floor of the kitchen suffers from continuous wear and tear with time from humidity and moisture. The cleaning and repairing is not only an uphill task but also time-consuming. Purchase of kitchen flooring needs a lot more planning than any other room of the house. The material must be able to handle the daily rigors and look beautiful at the same time. Tiles are the most popular choice for kitchen flooring due to a wide range of materials, dimensions, color, texture, and porosity. Ceramic and porcelain are two of the widely used type worldwide.

Ceramic tiles for kitchen

The water and stain resistance feature of ceramic tiles makes it the most popular choice for kitchen flooring. The glazed ceramic tiles are even more humidity resistant and add a glow to your kitchen. It is not uncommon for someone to drop a heavy pot, plate, or other objects on the kitchen surface. The durability of ceramic tiles makes them strong and prevents the chances of any damage from such accidents. The mid-range priced tiles come in various designs and are easy to install and replace. The various characteristics, including color permanence, slip, skip and, fire resistance, make it a worthy choice for your kitchen tiles.

Porcelain tiles for kitchen

Porcelain tiles are stronger and durable than ceramic tiles. This characteristic makes it a popular choice for commercial kitchens and other high-stressed environments. For certification, porcelain tiles need to have less than zero point five percent water absorption rate, implying high water resistance. The longevity of this low-maintenance material is very high as you need mopping and swiping to clean it. This tile can endure huge traffic and footfall without any chances of breaking. The sharp nails of pets cannot damage the porcelain. The high density of the burnt clay makes it effective in places with fluctuating temperatures.

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