9 Personal, Professional, And Academic Advantages Of Studying English

9 Personal, Professional, And Academic Advantages Of Studying English

Mastering a second language opens doors in the personal, professional, and academic spheres. In this sense, the English language stands out from the others for having great relevance in cultural productions, academic environments, and business.

If you are the type of parent who always seeks the best for their children, you are in the right place! This text will learn about the main advantages of studying English. Keep reading until the end and discover how the language can make a difference in various areas of life and in toeic test (ทดสอบ toeic which is the term in Thai).

Personal Life Benefits

  1. Consume Entertainment

In the increasingly globalized world, we are constantly impacted by the production of books, films, series, and music in English worldwide. Knowing the language in depth allows you to enjoy these works uniquely, as some meanings are lost in translation, subtitling, or dubbing.

  1. Travel to or abroad

Those who master the English language travel abroad with much more tranquility. In addition to being the official language of more than 50 countries, English can be considered the second language of the whole world. Do you want to make it possible for your child to travel on different occasions? Encourage English learning and help you pack your bags wherever you go!

  1. Learn Other Languages

Those who speak a second language find it easier to learn a third language. English is relatively easier than other languages ​​— like German and Japanese. The ideal is to start with it and then discover a world of opportunities to be explored.

Benefits For Academic Life

  1. Have Access To International Materials

Time is essential for anyone looking for an academic career; after all, there is a lot of content that must be absorbed in a short time. In this context, mastering English means saving time and money with translations.

  1. Publicize Your Research

In addition to connecting with researchers who produce in English, those who can write and communicate in that language are more likely to take their research to other countries. Among other things, this increases your chances of being referenced and of making international publications.

  1. Study Abroad

International universities tend to be very demanding regarding the proficiency of international students. If you believe that taking a course or training abroad is ideal for your child, it’s time to encourage their language immersion.

Benefits For Professional Life

  1. Trade With International Markets

Maybe your child’s professional life is still a long way off, but you already know that growing up internationally is every entrepreneur’s dream. How to negotiate with suppliers and communicate with customers without knowing another language?

  1. Work Outside

Applying for a job vacancy abroad without complete command of English is quite difficult. Remember that it’s never too early to think about your child’s future and that even before that, obtaining a visa for several countries can be compromised without proof of fluency.

From the pleasure of watching a series without subtitles to the search for more recognition at work, we saw that there are many advantages of the English language, and they can make a difference in many aspects of life.