What are the basic types of Afghan rugs we can offer?

What are the basic types of Afghan rugs we can offer?


When it comes to installing the rugs, the conventional outlook, superclass bonding, and the immense efforts of aesthetic craftsmanship turn out to be the major principle inspirations of the Afghan rugs. For a long time, the Afghan rug manufacturers have been consuming the wool and having their affection closer to the foot layout of elephants ultimately motivates them to stylize something similar with brighter backgrounds. If one is looking forward to installing everyday afghan rug’s, the shape is primarily based on the aggregate of octagon style with the bright colour backing to gain a sense of attraction. 

Having the time passed, It is quite understandable that the taste regarding the home interior changes continuously with the growing advancements and trends. As a result, the manufacturers of Afghan rugs have followed some amendments in their traditional style to help make all of them alive for the audience targeted. Even the use of colours has now shrunk to a limited number of colours with an ultimate aim to add a touch of uniqueness. Similarly, customer’s requirements are greatly focused even in terms of shapes as a result of which octagonal layouts are no longer offered to everyone coming over. Concerning the use of colours, the usage of vibrant blue and pink colourings had been very common and seem to have growing demand. 

Varieties of afghan rugs one can have

Below are some of the basic types of afghan rugs one can explore and enjoy;

  • Daulatabad rugs

This type of afghan rug layout has gained popularity for it serving as a trademark design. The Daulat Abad layout belongs to the north facet of Afghanistan and owns the same octagon form at the side of the well-known red foreground. The beauty that it incorporates comes from the use of original wool, ensuring the iconic existence and colourfastness as well. 

  • Adraskand rugs 

When it comes to choosing something extra-ordinary, that western Afghanistan shine and or adraskand rugs can help provide actual appeal. These two classical and flexible designs had been extended to the animals and human figures. The beauty of these rugs is the clean appearance of the designs that they convey together with the feeling of fashionable handwork. In case you ever visit Afghanistan, every homeowner feels it as an honour to install this rug at home. 

  • The Baluchi rugs 

These rugs have been a considerable choice for many when it comes to offering prayer. The appeal of those Baluchi rugs has emerged to be very attractive for using muddy colourations. Their portability makes them very famous and having them manufactured with long-lasting wool material helps make them very lustrous. 

  • The mauri rugs

These rugs are the most specific kind that is produced with natural silk thread. The category of silk thread makes these rugs the most lustrous, making them provide the prestigious decoration one may have been looking for. The usage of beautiful and bright colours as compared to the other conventional varieties of rugs enhances the value. Mauri rugs have been introduced in Kabul and have gained a lot of demand over the years.

To summarise, a variety of Afghan rugs have been serving the industry with their best appearance. Those manufacturers of the Afghan rugs ensure the ease of cleaning and maintenance when selling out the one. All that it requires is simple vacuuming. Enjoy the beauty with one of its kind!

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