Wardrobe Looks and More for You

Wardrobe Looks and More for You


The choice of the wardrobe inevitably conditions the style and habits within the sleeping area. Harmony and balance must reign in the bedroom: only in this way can we relax and recharge our batteries. Whether you are struggling with a renovation or renovation, or you have to choose the furniture of your first home, one of the first themes you will inevitably have to deal with is that of space.

The truth is, there is never enough

Despite the proliferation of shelves, shelves, shelves, niches, small cabinets and benches, the undisputed protagonist and certain solver of all our problems remains the wardrobes carcasses.

Between sliding doors and hinged doors, almost infinite modularity, customizations and interior accessories and many finishes, this article aims to shed some light.

  • Particular ideal sliding wardrobe
  • Ideal wardrobe with hinged doors
  • Find out how to choose the ideal wardrobe for your needs

The first rule to consider is to define the correct dimensions of your new wardrobe.

It is essential to choose the wardrobe with dimensions proportionate to the space in which it will be inserted, a too small wardrobe will probably be not very functional and will run the risk of getting lost inside the room, on the other hand a too large wardrobe will surely suffocate the environment with various limitations for ergonomic use.

Always with reference to the available spaces, the second crossroads for the correct choice of your new wardrobe is represented by the doors.

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Wardrobe with hinged or sliding doors? A functional question rather than an aesthetic one

The choice of the types of doors to be mounted on your new wardrobe is not an exclusively aesthetic and taste doubt, on the contrary, it is mainly linked to factors of functionality and freedom of use of the same.

Both opening systems have pros, however their main characteristics make them the ideal answer to different situations.

Sliding wardrobe ideal in the bedroom

Do you have a room that is not too large? The wardrobe with sliding doors should be your first choice. This type of wardrobe will allow you to reduce the space in front of the wardrobe because you can count on a zero footprint when opening our wardrobe. The only drawback: you will not be able to open multiple doors at the same time.

Can you have a spacious environment?

The wardrobe with hinged doors will be able to fully respond to all space requirements and maximum ergonomics of use, obviously not having the limit of opening several doors at the same time.

Ideal hinged wardrobe with side panels

From an aesthetic point of view, the wardrobe with sliding doors will be optimal for those who love the sensation of large and uniform surfaces without many interruptions to the view, for example the solution with two 135 cm sliding doors that allows you to have a lot of space organized in two compartments.

As for the wardrobes with hinged doors, we will be able to benefit from a more rigorous aesthetic, defined by vertical lines that clearly represent the chosen modularity, the classic wardrobe with 6 45 cm doors that cover three distinct 90 cm compartments still remains today an absolute best seller.


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