Top Gorgeous Ways to Use Garage Doors in Your Home

Top Gorgeous Ways to Use Garage Doors in Your Home

Just as a steamer trunk can be your new coffee table, or a replaced wooden chair can serve you for sitting purposes at any vacant space in your house-similarly, an old garage door can do just about anything a pair of wooden planks can do-and much more. 

If you have recently replaced a garage door with a new modern garage door, do not throw the one that you had but utilize it effectively to serve for different important purposes such as transforming them into something beautiful or useful for your home. 

In order to make that happen, all you need is just some DIY know-how, and some innovative imagination to make that happen. In case you think you are not good at that, just hire someone that you think can serve you for a similar purpose, pay them a few bucks and get the deal done. 

To help you come up with some useful ideas, here in this article-we discuss a few creative ways to repurpose old garage doors around your home. 

Get a new dinner table

In case you think wooden tables are outdated in today’s date that is not true as a wooden surface always has a kind of smooth texture that no other material can provide. This is why the need for having a wooden table can never go away. Going forward and keeping such a fact in mind, we can think about utilizing old garage door wooden planks to help us make wooden dinner tables that can serve us for the purpose of dinning. 

The material will not be very hard and the surface of the dining table will be very smooth. Also, a natural wooden brownish color will fit just perfectly with the whole theme of your dining room.   

Craft some garden boxes or planters

Even though we have kept this point in this article, it is still important to attach a crucial advice – that is, make sure the wood used in garage door is of a type that you can craft easily for the purpose of making garden boxes or planters. 

Otherwise it can backfire. The kind of wood you need for crafting has to be a little soft. Also, do you really think you have those crafting skills? If no, then that is not much of a problem since you can always outsource this task to someone who is capable of doing it. However, what you should be visualizing – is what you exactly need in terms of how your garden box or planters look like. 

If you can visualize in terms of what and how you want then surely your old garage door can result into providing you a full furnished crafted garden box or planter that you can install around the corner of the garden of your house. 

Build a bench

We can also build a garden bench that we can locate in our lawn for the purpose of sitting. Use some nice looking cushions that both provide comfort and also serve as a beautiful view to your sight. 

You do not need to add a back for it as you can always locate them against a porch wall, however, what you might need to consider using some comfortable cushions upon that porch wall to help giving you the ease you need. 

Design wall art

Be a little creative and transform the old garage doors plank in beautifying them so you can hang them in the lawn of your house.

Place some good art pictures that you can get in just a few dollars and in such low and efficient wholesome price, leave an everlasting impression to the visitors making a visit to your residence. Beauty may not serve your direct needs in the house, but it surely leaves a great impression to your brain and refreshes it that eventually helps you in living a productive day.

Design a headboard

Get a bunch of wooden planks from your old garage door and use them to design a headboard to fit your mattress. Trim some other scraps to make you a footrest and for some extra dramatic functionality, do the molding of some scraps to create a lip that can be used to hold a small lamp or books. 

Decorate your hallway

A large panel constructed of a wooden scrap extracted from an old garage door can really give a smart-looking aura if you do the attachment of some shelf and mirror with it. This way you can decorate your hallway and design it in a way to serve your visitors with a beautiful entrance. 


In modern age, we have so much of waste that we can always utilize for the many useful purposes. Instead of dumping them under sea water, the useful material a garage door is constructed with can be used for great many purposes and can help you create other beautiful things to serve you for different reasons. 

You can think of many other ideas and top them with the ones we have suggested in this article. This way you can get the most expensive things done for you in very budget-efficient pricings. Good luck! 


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