Things To Consider Before Renting Or Buying A Condo

Things To Consider Before Renting Or Buying A Condo

Living in a community is not always easy, so it can be a challenge when it comes to a condo. In a place where the proximity to the neighbor is much greater, living in a condominium requires awareness of your space and respect for the space of the other.

Therefore, before buying an apartment, firstly ask yourself is it good to buy a condo? (ซื้อ คอน โด ดี ไหม, which is the term in Thai) then try to know what life is like and the requirements for those who decide to live in a condominium.

1 – Security

Nowadays, the security of a condominium is a great advantage. Most people who decide to live in a condominium make this option thinking about the security that this type of housing offers.

Ordinances, surveillance systems, walls, fences, and other items ensure the highest security for condominium residents. You will have fewer worries when traveling, for example, but, on the other hand, you will have to follow the safety rules stipulated for everyone.

2 – Leisure

Currently, some condominiums look more like clubs, and there are so many leisure options that they offer, from the common ones, such as swimming pool, sports court, party room, and playground to cinema, gyms, and playrooms.

Leisure options are often not feasible in a home, whether for space, economic, or maintenance reasons. The lower costs paid for all these options within a condominium are also a great advantage; after all, they are prorated among all residents.

But here too, you will have to follow the rules of use. For example, when it comes to having a party for your child, you will have to negotiate a lot about the exclusive use of common areas only for your guests.

Another issue to consider is that, even with the apportioned cost among all the tenants, all of these options are subject to the condominium fee. Are you moving to a condominium with areas suitable for your use, or will they be just a cost to you (since you do not enjoy the benefits)? Take this into account when choosing which apartment to live in.

3 – Circle of friendship

Especially for those who have children, the condominium offers a great opportunity to make friends with neighbors, which is also advantageous for parents, who can let their children play freely, knowing that they are safe in a place of everyday use and the company of someone. Known and lives in the same place.

Among the adults, good friendships also emerge, either by meeting at the pool or a barbecue in the party area. However, you lose some of your privacy, as we will see in the next topic.

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