The Rise of TEFL in Peru: A Closer Look

Peru, with its rich culture and diverse landscapes, is a sought-after destination for those who are looking for adventure and cultural experiences. Besides its tourism industry, English teaching is another popular job sector for foreigners in Peru. TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) has become one of the best ways for foreigners to find work in Peru. It is an excellent opportunity for people who love to travel and have a passion for teaching. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Peru TEFL and everything you need to know about it.

Requirements for TEFL in Peru

The TEFL requirements in Peru vary from school to school. However, most of the schools demand a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification. Some schools may require a teaching license or experience as well. The schools usually prefer the candidates who speak Spanish as well, as it helps with communication between the teachers, students, and parents. Additionally, having a working visa or a temporary resident permit can make the job search process more accessible.

Job Prospects for TEFL in Peru

Peru offers abundant opportunities for TEFL teachers, especially in Lima, the capital city. Many private language schools are always looking to hire English teachers. Besides schools, universities, and companies who require English training for their employees, TEFL teachers can also find work in government organizations such as the Ministry of Education or the English Opens Doors Program. The salary range fluctuates, but usually, TEFL teachers can expect a monthly salary between USD 600 and USD 1500.

Cultural Diversity in Peru

Peru is known for its diverse landscapes and rich culture. From the Amazon to the Andes to the Pacific Coast, Peru has something for everyone. Peru also has a vibrant cultural heritage that Balances its mixture of indigenous and Spanish colonial cultures. The Peruvian people are welcoming and take pride in their country and its traditions. For TEFL teachers, it is an excellent chance to immerse themselves in the Peruvian culture and lifestyle and share their experiences with the students.

Getting a TEFL Certification

Getting a TEFL certification is essential for anyone who wants to teach English in another country. It is an excellent opportunity to learn the teaching skills, techniques, and practices required to enhance the learning experiences of the students. Many language schools offer TEFL certification courses, and there are online options as well. A TEFL certification course usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks to complete, and many schools require at least 100 hours of coursework.

Tips for TEFL teachers in Peru

Being a TEFL teacher in Peru can be an exciting and challenging experience. For an enjoyable and successful experience, it is crucial for TEFL teachers to feel integrated into the culture and form strong relationships with their students. Learning Spanish can help TEFL teachers effectively communicate with the students and their families. Additionally, volunteering opportunities and extra-curricular activities are a great way to contribute to the community and become part of the Peruvian culture.


In conclusion, TEFL in Peru offers an exciting opportunity for anyone who is looking for a new adventure and a passion for teaching. The thriving job market, cultural diversity, and the welcoming Peruvian people make it an appealing choice for TEFL teachers worldwide. Knowing the requirements, job prospects, the diverse cultural environment, the importance of certification, and tips for surviving as a TEFL teacher can make your experience more fruitful and enjoyable. We hope that this guide provides you with all the necessary information and encourages you to take up TEFL in Peru.