Do you have a fireplace or a wood-burning fire pit?You would not want your time and energy to be a waste of time or a waste of investment when it comes to investing in firewood.Hence, you will need a place for storing firewood. You might think it is just a simple thing but knowing how and where to load up your firewood is a very important thing to consider.
You need to know the proper way to load up your firewood because failure to do so can lead to critter infestation, fungus. Therefore making the wood not burn well. There are different ways to store up your firewood north wales that will make them look clean, safe, and dry.

Tips for storing firewood

  • Step 1- Firewood should always be properly stacked-:

Heaving your firewood randomly in a container or bundle will not give way for air to penetrate it.Any wood that is heaped, in the middle,is likely to remain moist, leading to decay or fungus. So,your woods has to be dried very well for it to serve you the best.

Rodents also have the free will to enter into a healed firewood and also infectious insects. When you cut a plank of wood it is essential to expose the cut part to air so that it can dry. If you are stacking the firewood in. In the single row, you can otherwise place each of the pieces that are cut opposite each other so the cut part can be exposed.

  • Step 2- firewood should be stacked above the ground-:

When storing firewood you need to make sure it is a few inches off of the ground. Stacking firewood can be a challenge most times because it can lead to improper airflow. So for better airflow, you can use a firewood rack. This will make the woods a few inches from the ground.

  • Step 3- Make sure you do not store firewood indoors-:

When storing firewood of large quantity, make sure you do not store it indoors. Your woods can have insects like termites, spiders, bugs lagging in the firewood so, storing it in your home can bring the insects inside your home. Therefore a large quantity of firewood should be stored outdoor.


Proper storage of firewood is very important to have long-lasting and dry firewood. Firewood should be stored in an orderly manner to help it remain dry.

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