Ramp: one of the most perfect solutions for disabled people

Ramp: one of the most perfect solutions for disabled people

The door ramps or wheelchair ramps are a type of platform (usually a bridge like structure) that is placed on door steps or entrances, to facilitate the accessibility of people with disabilities or difficulties in moving. They are affordable and are used for different uses. Threshold ramps are very practical to place at door entrances when we need to pass with a wheelchair, walker or crutch.

If you need to buy a folding or portable ramp, you can search internet and buy the product from a reputed online store. However, it is necessary that you consult with an expert to know the ideal size and shape, as ramps are available in different models and sizes. If you want to buy cheap aluminum ramps online, you must take into account the guarantees they offer you and if it complies with current regulations.

Help to choose a ramp for the disabled

Depending on the use and destination you need of a ramp for a wheelchair or walker for the disabled, we can divide the ramps into the following categories –

  • Threshold ramps – Being one of the most easy accessibility solutions, this type of ramp is designed to overcome a small height: in the base of the bathroom shower, in the entrance of a house or as a ramp for steps. These ramps are manufactured with different types of materials: plastic, aluminum, rubber or steel.
  • Super adherent ramps – These ramps for wheelchairs have a special surface that makes them very adherent. They are very practical when we are looking for an aluminum ramp that does not slip, in humid, dirty places or outdoors, where conditions are more extreme.
  • Suitcase type folding ramps – These folding aluminum ramps are very compact once folded and can be transported thanks to the handles. They take up little space and can be easily stored. They are very light aluminum ramps that can go from 60 cm to 3 meters.
  • Suitcase type double folded ramps – When we need a lightweight aluminum folding ramp but have very little storage space, this type of ramp for the disabled is ideal. There are models of different sizes and it helps us overcome barriers up to 3 meters. Folding ramp fits perfectly in a trunk or in a storage room.
  • Rail ramps – This type of ramp with two rails for wheelchairs can be foldable or telescopic. It is used for wheelchairs and 4-wheel electric scooters. 
  • Telescopic ramps – The wheelchair ramps known as telescopic ramps are very practical since we can carry them folded along, reducing the length to almost half.

Ramps for the disabled

On many occasions, we find different types of architectural barriers that hinder accessibility in access to public or private places for people with disabilities and reduced mobility. To solve this accessibility problem, there are ramps for electric wheelchairs and e-scooters. You can choose from fixed ramps or portable ramps and folding ramps. The correct choice and configuration of a ramp will depend on the use we are going to make of them.

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