Preparing Your Landscaping Design For Winter in Utah

Preparing Your Landscaping Design For Winter in Utah

As colder months in Utah are to arise, it can be hard to think of what to do with your landscaping design. Snowstorms and freezing temperatures are all too common, and you may find yourself not thinking about your landscape at all. I mean, why would you, but you’d be surprised just how easy landscaping design in the winter can be. The key to maintaining and even designing a magnificent winder landscape is preparation. It would be best if you took a minute to prepare your garden for what is about to come. The means arrangements are made so that maintenance can be performed easily and making sure products and plants still look beautiful in the cold.

Make sure to factor in snow management as, in Utah, it can snow vast amounts. Because of the amount it snows, factoring in snow management is vital to any winter landscaping design success. It would help if you accounted for all the snow that you will need to remove from your driveway to move your car in and out safely or walkway for you to get out. Try to avoid smaller plants and ornaments as they typically get lost in the snow.

Winter landscaping design can be quite dark. No literally, the sun goes down sooner and isn’t out as long either. A way to brighten your Utah home is by adding some lights. Luckily, most of the winter has holidays that allow us to decorate and light up or homes, but even non-holiday and more basic decorative lights can really light up your landscaping design. String lights are great to illuminate trees or feature pieces in your garden.

Walking down the sidewalk during the winter is a dangerous game to play. One wet, icy square, and you could be on your backside and on the way to the hospital. A landscaping design trick is to heat up your pathways. There are heating elements that you can install to keep walkways from becoming icy slip traps. This also allows your full landscaping to be enjoyed as you can easily migrate through pathways.

Something most of us forget is, continuing to water our plants. If it hasn’t rained or snowed for a couple of days, your plants can become severely dehydrated due to the cold wind blowing around, so make sure to water when needed. Most people’s landscaping design seems to suffer during the winter months here in Utah, but if you implement a few of these tricks or elements, you are sure to have a landscape that is talked about all year long.

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