Must-Have Amenities That Enhance the Appeal of A Condo in Sathorn area

Must-Have Amenities That Enhance the Appeal of A Condo in Sathorn area

The experienced real estate developers who have sufficient experience in developing the condos know well that buyers expect exciting amenities in the condos. In fact, the amenities are one of the prime reasons why the sale of Condo in Sathorn area [คอน โด ย่าน สาทร, which is the term in Thai] is witnessing a steep upward curve. Most of the buyers cannot afford the facilities individually, which makes it easier for them to buy the condo and enjoy the facilities by paying the maintenance and community charges. 

Basic amenities: deciding factors

Some ordinary amenities are ordinary but important for the condo as all the potential buyers look for these facilities. It can be the decisive factor for the condo purchase. 

  1. Gym: joining a fitness gym and losing some weight will b the priority of maximum people. But being busy with professional life, the gym takes the backseat due to numerous reasons. Hence, having the gym facility right outside the house within the premises is a lucrative idea for the condo buyers. 
  1. Concierge: undoubtedly, it will be an essential amenity for anyone showing interest to buy the Condo in Sathorn area People are very busy these days. So the facility can help the residents to ease out the stress. Maximum condos offer 24/7 concierge service to all the residents.
  1. Rooftop deck: having the rooftop deck is definitely a strong selling factor. People crave to relax in larger and spacious open spaces. Whether the residents want to plan some communal barbeque or just enjoy some nice family time, outer space is always a good idea. It will be like a lavish breathing room for the residents and a great place to have some chat with your friends and family while enjoying the open air for a while. 


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