Most Efficient Electric Doors Now For The Best Use

Most Efficient Electric Doors Now For The Best Use

The garage nowadays is increasingly in demand and indispensable. The reasons are the most varied, from the convenience of having the car or motorcycle sheltered and safe or as a storage for bicycles or tools of various kinds.

Often it is adjacent to the house; other times, it is near the house. The window that allows the garage to be closed is called an electric door.

The fold up garage doors (ประตู โรงรถ แบบ พับ ขึ้น, which is a term in Thai) are made up of a reinforced structure in galvanized sheet metal, which opens and closes using a system of pulleys, counterweights, and springs. And this means that it can be lifted easily with a manual push.

To decide which fold-up garage doors to install, it is essential to consider some aspects. The box’s dimensions, the external spaces, the type of electric door or sectional door suited to our needs, the level of safety we want, and the aesthetic aspect.

Differences Between Manual And Motorized Fold Up Garage Doors

As for the installation of an Electric door (ประตู รั้ว ไฟฟ้า, term in Thai), we have to choose whether to use it manually or motorize it.

The cheapest solution is undoubtedly the manual electric door with mechanical closure. The movement is exceptionally smooth due to the presence of counterweights or balancing springs and is used with ease.

Then there is the motorized Electric door, to make their use even more practical and functional and allow remote opening and closing using a remote control or a button inside the box.

How Is The Electric Door Motorized?

To motorize an electric door, you can choose between a towing motor or an actuator with sheet mounting, depending on the door’s type and size.

Characteristics Of  The Actuator:

  • Anti-crushing safety: electronic drive torque adjustment device and ENCODER.
  • Built-in microswitch limit switches for greater frequency of use.
  • Internal release and predisposition for external release with personalized key
  • Incorporated electronic equipment with master and master-slave motor management system

Trailed Motor Features:

  • Quick and easy installation thanks to the pre-assembled track and rotation coupling.
  • Belt transmission.
  • Electronic slowing down of adjustable limit switch and inversion on the obstacle
  • Electronic equipment with timed courtesy lamp.

The electric door can be opened in two ways, using a radio control for remote management or using a keyboard with a personalized code. It is also possible to combine additional accessories, such as photocells and flashing lights.


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