Linden Estate, the Architectural Masterpiece of Southampton Is Now Available On Sale

Linden Estate, the Architectural Masterpiece of Southampton Is Now Available On Sale

Tim Davis is a luxury market leader in Hamptons. In his 40 years of experience, he has sold some excellent properties in the East End. He continues to dominate among all Hamptons brokers and ranks as a top agent in the Volume in the US. Apart from luxury homes and condos, Tim Davis is also focusing on selling historic homes.

He is currently focusing on the Linden Estate in Southampton NY which is a historic residence. Linden Estate is for sale in the market for $69.95 million. It is the largest estate on the Ox Pasture Road with traditional architect and design. It has a red-colored tiled roof, glass windows, and porches. It has a living area, 12 bedrooms with bathrooms in each room, library, fireplace, beautifully crafted ceiling, and staff quarters.

Grosvenor Atterbury, the estate’s founder, designed it in 1915, and the name of the estate refers to the trees that surround the property. It has a 60-foot-by-20-foot indoor and outdoor pool with a slide and waterfalls. It is a complete masterpiece that was made with utmost care and love.

What is it about the historic properties that appeal to the buyers?

There is something unique about living in a historic home. Historic homes have a unique sense of charm, character, and a connection with the past. These are some of the characteristics that are simply not found in new constructions.

Historic communities are often well-planned and have an ancient feel which can be felt in people, trees, lawns, and every brick. The neighborhoods of such places are also committed to preserving their originality.

Choosing to buy a historic house is a huge decision because they are valued at high prices. However, the valuation of these properties is justified by their authenticity and uniqueness. The historical significance of the properties tends to increase their value.

Modern homes may appear great and provide all amenities along with smart technologies, but they lack the charm that historic homes provide. Butlers’ pantries, and sophisticated fireplaces, are some of the characteristics that are available in historic homes and cannot be seen in modern constructions.

When people purchase historic properties, they are contributing to society by preserving the city’s heritage. It encourages others in the neighborhood to respect the past and makes them provide complete support to the owners.

People will also e eligible for tax credits every year if they invest in historic homes. Savings on tax is one advantage that always excites the investors. Even though these properties are sold for premium costs, buyers can expect to get significant returns on their investment. With time, the valuation of such luxurious properties is only going to appreciate further.

There is nothing as good as owning a beautifully preserved historic property. People who are interested in Linden Estate can get in touch with Tim Davis. There could be some room for negotiation too. Tim Davis has a great reputation for selling some of the best luxury real estate houses and properties at Hampton, and he stands with the buyers through each stage of purchase.

Linden Estate in Southampton NY

160 Ox Pasture Road, Southampton, NY

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