Know about the guidelines what can you put in dumpsters

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There are certain guidelines that have to be followed when you are renting a dumpster in Sarasota. As it is meant for the proper waste management, you will need to keep in mind about the things that you can and cannot put in the dumpsters. Hiring Sarasota Dumpster Rentals provide you all the guidelines that you must follow to have proper removal and management of the waste. Mentioned below are some points that you must know:

Household junk

Do not forget to discuss about the type of debris and waste that you can put off in the dumpsters with the dumpster provider. Depending on the regulations of your area, you can put all types of furniture in the dumpster. You can also put appliances like refrigerators, dryers, AC units, etc. in the dumpster but it is necessary to remove all the hazardous components from them. Electronics like TVs, computers, etc. can also be put in dumpsters.

Yard waste

According to the regulations and policies of your local area and the rental company that you are hiring, you can opt for the yard waste that you can dispose of in the dumpsters. You can put branches, grass, brush and other green waste according to the limit of green waste that you can send to landfill. Some rental companies also provide clean load option that means you can opt for the dumpsters in which you can put only green waste.

Construction debris

You can put heavy construction waste like concrete, bricks and asphalt in the dumpsters but it depends on the company’s regulations. You can go opting for the dumpsters specialized for the removal of heavy construction debris. You can also put roofing shingles, renovation debris, etc. Some of these are the drywalls, wooden materials, sidings, window frames, etc.

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