How is wood parquet flooring for your home?

How is wood parquet flooring for your home?

Basically, parquet floors consist of small pieces of wood joined together in different geometric patterns. These small pieces of wood are laid on softwood to maintain the same surface. After the process of joining these pieces of wood, the finish creates a unique flooring design that adds a certain artistic beauty to the floor. Thanks to the unique design of this wooden parquet floor, many homeowners want to invest in it.

Wooden parquet is considered an art in order to create a different kind of geometric shape for design. The process of assembling pieces can be performed manually or using a machine designed for this purpose. The procedure is similar to installing tiles. They differ only in the materials used because the parquet floor uses softwood.

Installation is easy if you know the right techniques. But if you don’t think you can do it, it’s best to hire a qualified employee to install it so you don’t waste money and time. Once the wooden parquet floor is properly installed, inspect it carefully to make sure there are no holes on any surface. Gaps may appear in the future. It is also important that you learn how to take care of your investment to prevent damage.

As with any hardwood floor, prevent liquid from getting on the parquet floor. If a leak occurs, wipe off the liquid with a slightly damp cloth or mop. Do not pull any objects or furniture on the floor, as it will leave serious scratches and may even scratch the surface.

Cleaning this type of floor is easy with the right floor cleaner and cotton cloth. Be sure to use cleaning solutions made exclusively for wooden floors. Using a cleaning solution that is not suitable for wooden floors can cause stains and damage due to chemical reactions. Always remove dirt and dust to keep the parquet surface smooth, as they will always look like new. If you use a vacuum cleaner, be careful not to overdo it, as this will destroy the finishing.

If there are scratches on your parquet floor, you can use retouching sticks, which are usually made of wax, to match the color of the scratched areas. Use a spatula to remove any excess and then polish the treated area.

You can also use wood markers, which you can buy at your local hardware store. These markers can be used to repair scratches in any area of ​​your wood parquet floor. If your parquet floor is seriously damaged, you can take care of the space yourself. Use masking tape around the damaged area and then apply fine sandpaper and sand to the damaged area. After sanding, resize the area and apply a new finish. Polish the affected part until you are satisfied with the result@

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