How And When to Begin Planning for A New Roof

How And When to Begin Planning for A New Roof

As is the case with the majority of homeowners, they don’t even think about their roof until they notice a problem with it, which unfortunately, means that some problems which could have been repaired in the early stages, become much worse over time and end up costing a lot more money to fix. In some cases, roof neglect means that the entire roof needs to be replaced to prevent it from causing damage to the structure of the building. 

In some instances, poor workmanship when the roof was first installed – or even when it was repaired – means that a roof doesn’t last as long as it might otherwise have done and needs to be replaced.

Maintenance and regular inspections can delay a roof replacement

Most importantly, it’s essential to try and take care of your roof by having it inspected on a yearly basis to check for faults and damage, and having any necessary repairs carried out as quickly as possible. By doing this, you can delay having to replace your roof for many years to come. 

What should you do if you suspect your roof needs to be replaced?

Whatever the case with your roof, if you’ve noticed that it isn’t performing as it should, you should schedule an assessment from a professional roofing company at the earliest opportunity. If they visit your home, inspect your roof and deem it to be irreparable, you should have it replaced as soon as you can afford to do so. If you don’t, any problems that are there, will simply get worse, and could even damage your home and cause injury to anyone living there, or even passing by your home.

How do you know how much your new roof should cost?

The price of a new roof will depend upon the materials you choose, the roofing company you hire and the size and slope of the roof. The only way to get a clearer idea of whether the price you’re being quoted for a roof is a competitive one, is to gather a few estimates from different companies in your area. 

Remember though, that a roof will be a significant investment, and that cutting corners by finding a roofing contractor who will install it at a much lower price than others, may mean that they use inferior materials, are not skilled at what they do, and may even make mistakes when installing it, just to get you that rock bottom price. Reputable roofing companies who are qualified, experienced and skilled at what they do, are typically in high demand, and don’t need to offer hugely discounted rates just to get your business. 

Is it true that the average roof has a life expectancy of around 10 years?

While a lot depends upon where you live and the types of weather conditions your roof is exposed to, many roofs do begin to deteriorate at around 10 years, and it’s always wise to schedule an assessment from a professional roofing company when your roof approaches the decade long milestone. 

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