Glass Pool Fence -Types,Safety,Price,Maintenance

Glass Pool Fence -Types,Safety,Price,Maintenance

Glass pool fence,is quite popular worldwide,especially in Australia,initially glass pool fences is used by society elite class,now with decreased costs,better quality,designs,pool fence is more poplar in every user’s daily life.

Glass pool fence,together with its similar applications, glass balustrade,glass railings are now an important part of residential and commercial buildings world wide.

The fence can be divided into frameless glass pool fence and pin fixed glass pool fences.

Framless Glass pool fence

This kind of glass fence include 12mm clear or low iron tempered glass, glass spigots,glass clamps.The elegant appearance,simple structure and strong safety warranty is the most popular

12mm clear or low iron tempered glass is the most standard glass panels used,height 1000-1200mm and width varies from 200mm to 2000mm to fit different project requirement.The glass are always with fine polished edges and round corners to avoid possible injury to people.

Tempered glass offer super high strength and safety ,The tempered glass strength is 3-5 times higher than float glass,and international glass standards,BS EN12150,ASTM C1048,AS/NZS2208 have similar impact test requirement against tempered glass to test the glass strength and evaluate the glass safety.The impactor is a ball filled with metal grains,or dual tires weight about 45 kgs,and fall from different heights,usually 350mm,750mm and 1200mm to see if the glass break or not,this is to simulate people hit on glass.

Once tempered glass is broken,it will shatter into small fragments,the standards require Minimum 40 particle,while most glass will reach 60-90 particle to ensure its safety and strength.

Glass spigot,The function of glass spigot is to hole the glass ,it’s fixed on the ground with screws,bolts and hole the glass, 2 spigots is required to hole the glass.Glass spigot are usually stainless steel 304 ,or 316 which has much better weather resistance and corrosion resistance.The finish can be mirror finish (more shining and clear),stain finish and brush finish (easier cleaning and maintenance).

Some spigot need to have holes on glass for better fixing effect.

Glass Clamp ,Glass clamps are perfect for use on wooden decks where the timber subframe can move in seasonal weather changes keeping your fence line perfectly straight. Clamps materials and finish is same as the spigot,but with different shapes, rectangle,square,round, and 180 degree,90 degree to suit the frameless  straight fences and corners.

Framless glass pool fence price

There should be many pool fence wholesalers or distributors nearby your pool fence,please consult your local company about the price,but if you would like to DIY your pool fence,or large scale projects to install,here is our reference price about the costs component of a fence.

12mm clear tempered glass: USD25/SQM.

Glass Spigot: USD 22/PCS.

Glass Clamp: USD5/PCS.

So that’s the raw materials costs ,unit meters frameless pool fence price is about USD 80,in addition to the installation costs,as the glass length varies,the price is for reference and you can decide using longer glass 1500-2000mm to reduce the hardware costs.

Pin fixed Glass pool fence

Different from frameless pool fence that is free stand on the ground ,the pin fixed glass fence is fixed on concrete,it can suite some special pool and save areas for customers.

The glass used are same,but glass will have holes at bottom to fit the pin

Pin fixed Glass pool fence12mm clear tempered glass with holes: USD28/SQM.

Glass pin: USD 10/PCS.

Glass Clamp: USD5/PCS.

Unit meters pin fixed pool fence price is about USD 70,in addition to the installation costs,each panels will have 3-4 pins, using longer glass will decrease the overall costs within your budget.

<strong>Glass Pool fence maintenance</strong>

The maintenance of pool fence is quite easy,just to keep the glass &amp; hardware clean is OK.

Flood the glass surface with the spray-on cleaning solution or with a cloth saturated with the cleaning solution.

Scrub the wetted surface with a clean, lint free towel or cloth.

Occasionally using Methylated Spirits for spot cleaning may be required to remove stubborn dirt or foreign materials which adhere to the surface. Spot cleaning products work to remove markings from grease, oil, tape adhesive, and crayons or other waxy materials as well as paint and rub-off marks from plastics.

Complete glass maintenance guide can be found here:Building Glass Maintenance guide

Or if you want to get rid of the frequent glass cleaning,just choose our self cleaning tempered glass products with 10 years warranty,the pre-treated glass panels in our glass factory will have a coating that chemically bonds to the surface, creating a non-stick barrier resistant to corrosion, etching, and staining. However, while cleaning is made easier and less frequent, the need to clean is not eliminated. Treated glass becomes both hydrophobic and oleophobic (water and oil repellent) protecting against most forms of dirt, minerals and grime.

Morn is your turnkey pool fence glass and hardware supplier in China,welcome contact us if you got large scale project requirement,whether it’s glass balustrade,glass railing,glass pool fence or glass balcony,our glass experts are ready to serve you needs.


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