Consequences of Poor Rug Cleaning 

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Your rugs are nothing less than an investment. Rugs cleaned and maintained by professional rug cleaners can last for generations. However, only a handful of rug owners truly care for their rugs.

With several DIY hacks and cleaning tricks available online, rug owners attempt self-cleaning at home. Many a time these online DIY hacks can turn disastrous for your rugs’ appearance. The irreversible damages done to your rugs are difficult to restore even by availing of professional rug cleaning Hobart. Furthermore, there can be several worse consequences of poor rug cleaning.

Let’s find out about the consequences of poor rug cleaning DIY hacks.

Staining the Rugs rather Than removing it

A stained rug is an utter disappointment lying in your home. For preserving the rugs, it is frequently advised to clean the fresh spill. For removing the spill, the use of blotting paper is recommended. However, several homeowners aren’t aware that they must not apply too much pressure while removing the spill. This mistake forces the liquid to seep deeper inside the rug fibers.

On the other hand, an attempt at DIY stain removal at home ends up adding more stains on the rugs rather than removing the previous ones. Use of the wrong cleaning agent, and ingredients, can set and spread the existing stain. If you want to avoid staining your rugs, contact us on +61480032511.

Dye Bleeding

Dye bleeding is one of the most common problems with ineffective rug washing Hobart. The wrong method of rug cleaning or the use of harsh chemicals can lead to color bleeding during the process. The bleeding colors spread out evenly that covers up the original appearance of your rugs. In worst-case scenarios, the patterns on the rugs get faded or damaged.

Modern rugs, traditional vegetable color-dyed rugs, and red-colored rugs often have the issue of color bleeding. That’s why it is ideal to rely on professional rug cleaners for availing carpet rug cleaning service.

Rug Odor

The DIY tricks of cleaning rugs are only effective in cleaning surface-level dirt. The residue left behind often ends up releasing a musty odor from the rugs. The surface cleaning methods can freshen up your rugs, but they may start stinking after a few days of cleaning.

The liquid and detergent trapped inside the rug fibers can deteriorate your rugs within no time. Rug odor is one of the common consequences of poor rug cleaning. So, make sure to expert for professional rug cleaning Hobart.

Use of Harsh Chemicals

Most store-bought rug cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can worsen the condition of your rugs. You may notice fadedness, wear and thread thinning issues if your rugs are washed using harsh chemical-based cleaning solvent. Additionally, some chemicals can also have an impact on your health. Some harmful chemicals that are present in the rug cleaning solvents include naphthalene, butyloxy ethanol and perchloroethylene, and so on.

Exposure to these chemicals may or may not benefit your rugs, but can make you seriously sick. You may experience, nausea, fatigue, skin irritation, allergies, vomiting, and so on. So, instead of risking your rugs and the health of your loved ones, make sure to avail professional services for rug washing Hobart.

Water Damage to Rug

Steam cleaning at home or poor rug washing Hobart can damage your rugs in the long run. You may attempt steam cleaning at home, in a hope of deep cleaning the rugs. However, your home doesn’t have facilities for drying up the rugs quickly. The water that remains inside the rug fibers can lead to mould growth that gradually destroys your rugs.

Many a time, sudden flooding inside the house can also damage your rugs, if they aren’t properly cleaned by professional rug cleaners. Your water-damaged rugs can start rotting after 24 hours. Make sure you get a dehumidifier for effective drying of the rugs or rely on professionals for rug cleaning services. Experts make sure to restore your water-damaged rugs as soon as possible using the most innovative technologies and devices. 

Reduce the Lifespan of the Rugs

The overall result of improper rug cleaning service Hobart sums up the reduced lifespan of the rugs. You may not notice the deteriorated condition of your rugs after one or two attempts of DIY rug cleaning. However, the excessive use of harsh chemicals, improper drying, trapped moisture, and stains directly affect the lifespan of your valuable rugs.

The rug fibers break down tearing up your precious rug. You may need to go for rug replacement at frequent intervals. Therefore, instead of taking the matter of rug washing Hobart in your hands, it is ideal to rely on professional rug cleaners. Expert ensures proper cleaning and maintenance of your rugs which helps in boosting the longevity of these rugs.


If you have been noticing these signs in your rugs, then it is high time to avail of professional rug cleaning Hobart. Prevent your valuable rugs from these consequences by relying on Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart!

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