Condo Garage Space: Things You Need to Know

Condo Garage Space: Things You Need to Know

Living in residential development has benefits, but there are challenges. Something very controversial is the parking space in a condominium, and the reason for this is the lack of information and the lack of clear rules on this subject. However, knowing some guidelines makes it easier to maintain personal and collective peace.

This article will cover some common questions about parking spaces and the solution to specific problems related to them. Come on!

  1. What Is The Number Of Vacancies For Each Property?

Typically, each property receives a parking space. In some cases, when there is little space, they are not private, and, in these situations, the resident who arrives first and finds free space is allowed to park the car. However, to avoid problems, there are rules for the distribution of spaces in most condominiums. Therefore, it is essential to check which seat is reserved for your car.

  1. And How Is The Drawing Of Vacancies Done?

When there are several parking spaces in the condominium’s parking lot similar to the number of residents, it is possible to make a drawing. Doing so will prevent some tenants from feeling harmed by the location they received.

However, in some developments, parking spaces are not fixed, but there is a rotation among residents. Thus, to decide which space will be linked to a property, a biannual or annual convention is scheduled. During this meeting, the drawing of vacancies is held.

  1. What To Do When Another Car Is In The Parking Space?

The so-called “stuck spaces” are prevalent in old condominiums. This type of parking causes many inconveniences, as to remove the car from one of these spaces, another car must release the ticket.

To avoid embarrassment, some condominiums require the owners of these spaces to leave the vehicle loose so that it can be easily removed. Still, others have included a valet service to make life easier for the owner of this space.

However, another exciting solution was found: the owner of the stuck space also has possession of the one that impedes the passage. Anyway, all these details need to be discussed between the unit owners.

  1. Is It Allowed To Park The Car And The Motorcycle In The Same Space?

Some projects allow the use of the same parking space for cars and motorcycles, as long as the limits of this space are respected. The same is valid with bicycles. On the other hand, some condominiums do not accept this mix of cars in the same place because of the condo balcony garden (จัดสวนระเบียงคอนโด which is the term in Thai) aesthetics or because the spaces are too narrow. To solve this, an exclusive parking lot for motorcycles and a bicycle rack were created.

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