Can we use office carpet tiles in the bedroom?

Can we use office carpet tiles in the bedroom?

A carpet tile is the most in-demand option for floor covering. These are good for heavy foot areas but can be used in bedroom areas. It is a durable, sturdy and inexpensive option. It can withstand heavy wear and tear. These tiles are easy to install and a stylish addition in the decor of your living or working area. Its maintenance is also easy. These are versatile in style so can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and working areas. These tiles can also be used in bedrooms because of their better features than wall to wall carpet. These tiles have been in-demand since 40-50 years and became popular in no time. Office carpet tiles can be used in bedrooms for their following features.

Easy installation

If you have to do the project by hand then, this is the easiest option for flooring to install. It is a fun project, and can be done in no time. Peel off the backing with adhesive and install tiles squares in the pattern of your taste.  An arrow is also present on the back of tile to determine the direction in which tile has to be installed.

Colorful and creative

It is an amazing way to bring out your inner creativity. Selection and installation of carpet tiles can mix and match colors and styles sophisticated. If you want to decor a bedroom and playroom carpet tiles are the perfect option. These carpet tiles give a very soft touch to the bare foot. Versatility in styles and patterns is also the noticeable reason for choosing carpet tiles for bedrooms. Patterns can be changed as you wish. You can even use these tiles as central or side area rugs by organizing them in different patterns.


Tiles are available in a variety of quality. These qualities are available in low piles as well as high piles. Stuff can be nylon to wool which can give comfort to a level, which we choose for us. 


These tiles are comfortable to walk because its low-piles give a soft touch to the bare foot. Comfort is the dominant reason for choosing office carpet tiles. 

Easy maintenance

These office carpet tiles have low-piles so these are much easier to clean. These tiles can be vacuumed regularly. Spillage can be cleaned by spraying a solution of detergent followed by scrubbing with a paper towel. Little damages can be repaired easily and individual squares can be replaced by new square tiles. It can easily withstand scrubbing wear and tear.

More durable

Tiles are durable because these are looped and very tight. You don’t need to change them in short notice. These tiles can withstand wear and tear. This is also an important reason for choosing office tiles for bedrooms.

Produce less waste

These tiles produce less waste during and post installation. It cannot trap much dirt and dust so that it does not need regular vacuuming. You can save time and money to wipe out waste to landfills.

Low-pile Advantages

Office Carpet tiles are flat and low-piled; they trap less dust and dirt in it. So these are better for indoor air quality. Protect people from allergies. Its low piles are comfortable for walking on them. Cleaning of low-piles is also easy and can be cleaned on a regular basis without tiredness. It needs little time to clean them and gives high levels of comfort. 

Toughness for water/moisture absorbance

These tiles are available with adhesive solution on back and tight woven that is why spillage can’t reach underside. Carpet tiles are not waterproof but if you compare with wall to wall carpet then, you’ll find them with a better holdup capacity.

Less expensive

Tiles can save labor, delivery and carpet cushion. They are less expensive than hard surfaces. It saves time and money both. It is a comfortable option for flooring as well as durable. Its features are high level and expenditures for buying it and using it are less. In spite of all these qualities, these tiles are affordable.

When you choose carpet tiles for bedrooms, you can never go wrong. There are many advantages of carpet tiles for which people use them in bedrooms. The superior features are comfort, attractiveness, thermal quality and a good alternative to hard surfaces like marble floors.

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