7 Tips to Clean Your House Quick When You Have Visitors Coming Over

7 Tips to Clean Your House Quick When You Have Visitors Coming Over

It is a part of being a human being to interact with other people. Being traditionally accommodating in nature, we sometimes offer our own home for a specific occasion. You may even encounter a situation where you will host a gathering but on short notice. 

If this happens, do not be caught off guard and end up panicking because you are unprepared. Impress them with a presentable abode and be guided on these simple tips on how to turn your topsy turvy house into a squeaky-clean home quickly before your guests arrive.  

1. Sweep and clean the entryways 

Upon arriving at your place, the first thing guests will notice are your entryways. Whether the access will be on your front or back door, it will leave a striking first impression that may influence what they can expect inside your home. 

Always ensure that entryways are clear from dirt and debris by sweeping them. Shake off your beautiful welcome mat to remove dust and dirt that builds up in it. 

If your doors are made of glass, a glass cleaner and piece of cloth can surely assist you in removing smudges, unwanted marks, and fingerprints. 

According to Maid Sailors (Home Cleaning Services Austin), doors are often neglected in home cleaning but it is important to get it cleaned because it says a lot when your guests are waiting for you to open and let them in at your home. 

2. Clear the clutter in the living area 

Your living area is commonly the most used part of the house where the family usually gathers, and this space extends its purpose to entertaining guests. 

Thus this should always be presentable. Examine the look of your living room, and declutter unwanted debris. 

A quick tip? Prepare a big box or laundry basket, walk around the living area, then shoot and organize all your clutter in this box or laundry basket. 

Do not forget to arrange the sofa set, placing the throw pillows nicely in their place. Change pillowcases when necessary. 

3. Vacuum the furniture 

After you quickly organize the living area and remove the more visible clutter, it’s time to focus on the smaller dirt not immediately visible to the eyes, such as small crumbs, pet hairs, human hairs, and dust. These are commonly attached to the corners of your sofa set, furniture, cushions, throw pillows, and floor. 

You might need a vacuum cleaner with an attachment to remove this quickly. A lint roller can also be a helpful tool.

4. Wipe down the counters 

Countertops are most likely a mess while or after preparing a meal for your guests. After using it heavily, leaving it as it is will make them feel unwelcome. 

To maintain a squeaky-clean kitchen, make sure to wipe out all smothered ingredients on your counter before your guests’ arrival. 

They might enjoy drinking a coffee, juice, or wine in this part of your home while helping you finish off plating a sumptuous meal.  

5. Empty the sink and wipe down your appliances 

Yes, do not take for granted your sink and appliances. Guests might be exploring your kitchen and admire your stainless-steel appliances. Your sink should always accommodate guests who want to wash their hands by ensuring it is empty of any used cooking or eating, and drinking utensils. 

Moreover, to make your appliances more admirable, multi-surface cleaners, and microfiber cloths, will help bring out a shinier natural look of stainless steel. You might influence them to purchase the same cooking appliance set you have.  

6. Clean the guest bathroom 

One space in your home not worth neglecting is your guest bathroom. Dirty bathrooms quickly propagate germs and will also mirror your hygiene care. 

Especially if gatherings take more than an hour, guests will most likely use your guest bathrooms a couple of times. Make it presentable by maintaining a spotless toilet, sink, and floors. 

Clean your toilet bowl, floors, and sink with microfiber cloths, keeping it dry after cleaning. 

For mirror smudges, mixing vinegar with water cleans it efficiently. Ensure that counters are free from personal items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. A simple handwash and tissues on the counter will do. 

7. Take out the trash 

Finally, for the overall cleanliness of your home, it must also be free from any foul and unwanted smells. Trash cans are common grounds for creating a foul odor that could spread across the other parts of your home. 

Before guests arrive, make sure you empty your trash cans. Take out the trash and properly dispose of it in the destined location. Change and use a clean trash bag, and wipe off the exterior of the trash can to remove fingerprints and other sticky debris. 

Having guests in your home brings a different sense of pride, specifically when they vocally express how impressed they are with its cleanliness and presentability. 

If guests feel at home in your crib, they will surely come back and enjoy the comfortable feeling your house is giving. Cleaning it should not be hard and complicated to ensure you are a visitor ready, anytime.  

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