3 Ways to Save on Your Hot Water Heater Bill

3 Ways to Save on Your Hot Water Heater Bill

Maintaining a home requires being on top of utility bills. If your home happens to own a water heating system, a regular feature in Australia, you might have to cover an additional $36.50 per month, a minimum. The amount is around $438 per year when running a water heater for three to five hours a day. If you spend more time using hot water or if your home requires above average use of your water heater, you might be paying even more.

Reducing Shower and Bath Time

Changing your habits in using your water heater at home is one of the effective ways to cut costs in this area. Although it is quite enjoyable to enjoy a long hot shower in the morning or a relaxing time at the tub before you sleep at night, this is causing a lot of dent in your water heating bill. The amount increases for larger households who love enjoying a warm bath.

A warm hot bath is a luxury that you can still enjoy, but in moderation. Stick with shorter showers and limit your long warm baths during the weekend if possible. If you are taking a shower, you might consider turning off the water when you are soaping up, shaving or applying shampoo. Keeping the bathroom door tightly closed also keeps the heat inside, thus allowing you to consider turning off the hot water when you are not rinsing. Practice these with the rest of the family to gradually decrease your hot water consumption at home. You can opt for a gas water heating system if you would want to spend less on energy cost.

Do Not Let Hot Water Run When Not in Use

One of the common habits that lead to high hot water consumption is by keeping the water running when not in use. Whether at the kitchen while doing the dishes or while soaping up inside the shower, several individuals doing this on a daily basis for a year in your home can build up to hundreds, if not thousands of extra hours using the water heating system. More hours of use equals higher water heating bills.

When using the dishwater, you might want to use shorter wash cycles and only use it when doing full loads. Activating the booster heater once done can also save you a few dollars. if you are not using water, take the effort to turn it off. It only takes a few seconds to turn off your faucet or shower. You are not only saving water heating cost in the process. You’ll be saving hundreds of gallons from going down the drain without being used efficiently.¬†

Fix Leaks and Other Plumbing Issues

A drip every second can cost you a dollar a month a minimum. Imagine more than a few drops due to leaks in different areas in your home? That would even cost you more. On average, around 3000 gallons of water per year for every 60 drips your home experience in a minute. A quick visit from your trusted plumber can easily solve this issue and save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in water and energy bills.

Before you conclude that hot water installation is an optional feature you can enjoy at home, at an extra cost, explore the cost-saving measures first. Having a hot water system can be affordable for you. If you are looking into saving a few hundred dollars on your yearly water heating bill, you might have to be extra cautious on how often and how you use water heating in your homes. Here are some simple tips that can help you save on your water heating bill.

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